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Missing You

She wept on and off and on today.
In the moments where she was left alone in a room
To think about all the family we left behind.
“Momma, Momma, I sad.”

She cried in a way that I never knew a 2 year old could cry.
I could see the ache in her heart and in each tear that fell from her face.
She just wanted to be held, to be close, and to feel the nearness of me.

The distance from you was so weighty for her 2 ft. 9 in. frame.
She was missing you.
As her friend came to play,
She quickly ran over, bent her knees slightly to look her square in the eye
And began to retell the stories of together time with family.
“Nani, Bampaa, Uncle Ben, “Clario”…..Momma, Dada too.”
Today, she is missing each of you with her whole heart.

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