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I belong to this.

“This is mine” is a refrain we hear in all toddler circles.

As my daughter has just begun this chorus, I’ve been thinking about the profundity of claiming ownership, and today, this Daily Good arrived in my inbox.

“….let’s look at two very different explorers who both shaped the world as we know it: Christopher Columbus and Carl Jung. While Columbus crossed the ocean with the intent of breaking things down and retrieving whatever treasures he could find, Jung crossed an interior ocean with the intent of putting together whatever he might find to make treasures of what he already had.  We must ask what made one explorer set foot on a continent he’d never seen and proclaim, “This is Mine!”, and what made the other bow and utter in humility, “I belong to this.” ” 

My daughter and I share this lesson of oneness most readily when we are in nature- discovering ladybugs, sticks, trees, caterpillars crossing the sidewalk, sweet smelling roses, and even the wind. It is so easy to look around, and say, “Wow. Isn’t this amazing. We are a part of this incredible world.”

One of the most divine experiences I’ve had in motherhood has been witnessing the innate need for human beings to connect, to get close, to learn each others names, to look each other in the eye and to put the pieces together so that we are truly whole, as one.  This is the instinct that we can nurture – one of belonging to something greater than ourselves.

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