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I see rainbows.

For N, J’s first friend. Friends allow us to see ourselves and the world so differently. 

I see a rainbow,
Said her little friend.
Look, right here, there’s a rainbow.
“Wow, that’s amazing,” said J.

I see rainbows.
You see circles.
I see butterflies.
You see clouds.
I see you.
And you see me.
We each see things the other can’t see.

You teach me words I don’t yet know.
You make me laugh out of the blue.
You’ve been there every step of the way.
From crawling to walking, from babbling to talking
My friend, remember those tearful first days of school?
I often ask Momma if you’re happy there.
Don’t worry dear, remember the dragonflies we saw together?
In my heart, I hope you see rainbows there.

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