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A Tribute to 2

We are all warned of the challenges that come along with the advent of age 2 – true toddlerhood.  The most pronounced change with little J is the development of a strong will and the inability to regulate it, coupled with a much greater command of language.  It reminds me of the early days when babies have big heads that seem so unwieldy atop their small bodies. It takes months to develop enough strength to hold it upright.  I can see that it will take even longer to figure out how to manage self-will.

Our conversations sound something like this:
Happy Birthday, Jaya!
Momma made you some pumpkin muffins.
“I don’t want pumpkin muffins.”
Okay, you don’t have to eat them.
“But I want pumpkin muffins.”
Okay, you can have them.
“Noooo, I don’t want them!”

These exchanges replay in my head at the end of each day and I can’t help but smile.

My utmost favorite development this past month is that J sings.  All the songs that we have been singing at storytimes, music classes, and even the ones I sing at home when I don’t even realize she’s listening, are now spilling right out as she wakes, sleeps, and sits in the backseat.

I just haven’t heard anything more beautiful than this sweet little voice. It is the perfect background music to our day.

There are definitely some tricks that come with 2, and there are lots of treasures too.  Two has begun with sweet songs, the most loving gestures (“Momma get hurt? Let me kiss it.”), and perfecting big hugs.

As Jaya said to her buddies as they left her birthday party, “Have a nice cake!”  May you have a nice cake, day and week as we begin again.

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