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A Dog, A Cat, and a Baby

Momma, Momma, look at me.
I can’t J, I’m driving right now.
Momma, I want to have a dog, a cat and a baby.
Then we can all play together. It will be so fun.
Oh wow, J, sounds like a full house.

You want a dog, a cat AND a baby?
Where will we keep them? Who will care for them?
So much to think about, little love.

I will take care of them, Momma.
I’ll give the cat, cat food.
I’ll give the dog, dog food.
And I’ll hold the baby.
See, like this.

As she rocks her little baby doll back and forth and whispers so sweetly,
“Don’t cry, baby. I’m here. It’s going to be okay,”
I can see that she will be an incredible mother, friend, and most of all,
the best big sister.

You’re going to get your chance, J.
You’re getting a baby.
A baby who’s all your own.
Someone who will know your story.
Someone who will always hold your hand.

You will be the big girl.
Always my baby, but the stupendous, spectacular, indomitable big sister
To your little baby.
Shall we make a place for baby?
In our home
In our hearts
In our hands

Baby has already made a home in me.

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