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To My Sister

One of the greatest gifts of having our second child has been watching our tender-hearted firstborn fall in love with her baby sister.  She is filled with such awe, compassion and love for this baby – her baby.  This poem echoes some of the sentiments that she has shared with us. She has reminded me how important it is that everyone have someone who believes wholeheartedly in them.  As a parent, I see that my role is not only to nurture these children individually, but also to nourish this bond of sisterhood between them.

Sweet P,

Sometimes I just can’t believe you’re real.
You are so sweet,
So happy,
So smiley,
So eternally lovable.

As I fall asleep tonight, I’m thinking of you.
I tell Momma,
My Baby Sister is wonderful.

I will always know your wonder.
I will always take care of you.
I will always be by your side.

When you can’t sleep,
I will sing to you.
If you need me to talk to you,
I’ll tell you a story.
If you just need love,
I’ll hug you tight.

Baby, I will love you to infinity.
Always and forever,
Your Big Sister.

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  1. Thomas OToole #

    Beautiful, Christina. It’s so sweet to see these sister relationships develop. J is a wonderful big sister!


    August 28, 2015

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