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Going into Labor? Remember, BYOW.

Weeks before I had my children, I had my hospital checklist ready – clothes for me and the baby, slippers, snacks, some books or magazines to pass the time, and dozens of gallons of water? The last thing a woman in labor, doubled over with the indescribable pain of contractions should have to think about is bringing enough water for her delivery.  I’m not even sure how many dozens of gallons of water must have been used during my stay in the hospital. Doris’ story is the story of so many women around the world who give birth at home or at health centers without running water.  Community health workers work tirelessly to care for the people of their village, and work miracles with limited resources.  As you watch this, imagine the challenge for Doris and her husband to prepare enough water for the delivery, carrying it from the water source to their home and perhaps to the health center by foot. How many trips must they make to a water pump? What if they didn’t even own more than a couple buckets to fill?  Let us always remember the sanctity of this precious resource.  Water is life.


Global Mamas

For so many of our mothers, daughters and sisters around the world, pregnancy and child birth may be life threatening experiences.  As we house new life within our bodies, our dreams of family and who this child will become begin to take shape. During my pregnancy, I never once thought that I could potentially lose my life in this process. This is the reality for so many women who endure the challenge of giving birth without trained birth attendants or even proper antenatal care to ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy.

In this space, I honor the experience of motherhood around the world and hope that in some small way, we can all take part in making this process safer and healthier for everyone.