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Make rainbows in the snow

Happy Valentine’s Day, lovelies. What to do with a foot of snow and a toddler? Grab some food coloring and make a rainbow in the snow.  We made these little rainbow cupcakes with our muffin tins. We had such a fun morning, digging, coloring, and sliding on the mini snow mountain in our yard.


Glitter Paint Fun

The latest and greatest discovery in our home is glitter paint! We are currently working on a little project for our Valentine, and glitter paint is our medium. It’s instant sunshine on a cloudy day.  You can buy it already mixed and ready to use.  If you’re painting with a toddler, put a sheet down on the floor as you never know where the paint will end up. Parents, I’m pretty sure you may enjoy this more than your kids.

It’s Your World – Map Activity

This has been one long, frigid winter, with lots of indoor playtime – perfect for coming up with new and engaging ways to play with the toys we already have. Since my little one really likes cars right now, and her Sesame Street friends, we created a roadmap of her world….all the places she loves to go or has heard about (like India).  

I love simple activities like this as every new location on our map offers a moment of pause to consider what she and her friends might do there, like “Have a snack at T’s house,” “lay on the beds at Macy’s” or “eat cornbread at the grocery store.”   You can even use this activity to teach them directions, like left and right, or even cardinal directions. Try it out with your little drivers.

Usher’s ABC song

Yet another super fun and active way to learn our ABC’s. Thanks for the fun beats, Usher!  This will keep kids and parents groovin’ together.

Your Song

Today, you sing for the very first time.
You sing songs of friends, birthdays, and bubbling spirits
Of spiders, rain, and falling leaves
Of ponies, geese, and rocket ships.

You sing the song of the ice cream truck
Of sunshine and posies.
You wake in song.
You rest your head on melodies.

You sing the song that’s in your heart.
And it stirs so deeply in mine.

You sang your way to 2.
Happy Birthday, baby bird.

Song for the Soul: Being Kind

A sweet song from Nimo (Y’all remember him from Karmacy?).  He’s back to making music. When it’s all said and done, “kindness will be all we can leave behind.”

I watch my little girl repeat and reenact all  that I say and do in our day to day interactions, and I can feel the weight of Nimo’s reminder.   There’s so much we want to pass on to our children, but there’s no greater gift we can give them or the world, than a legacy of kindness.


Laying Foundations

Why do our current systems teach children in such linear ways?  We all know that life happens in zig zags, circles, swirls and even random dots that don’t seem to make any sense at all.

In our children’s earliest days and months, we teach them through day to day life experience. We do not often set out with lesson plans, curricula or flashcards.  As we eat, we describe the taste, color and texture of foods, As we empty the dishwasher, we name cutlery. As we live, we narrate each and every moment of our day and our wee ones learn as they go.  My most poignant learning experiences have been through living them, whether it be chemistry through cooking or philosophy through exploring life’s big questions.

In looking for pre-schools for our very active and social, little lady, I hoped to find something that teaches in this same way – learning through day to day exploration.

In exploring various schools, I came across the school that my cousins’ girls attend and was wowed.  Reading their philosophy makes me want to pack up our bags and move to Austin! Learning as an artistic endeavor – this is beautiful and so inspiring.  “Guiding them towards a truer sense of who they are.” This is what I know my role as a parent to be and there’s a school out there that aims to do the same?! You move me, Habibi’s Hutch.

Here’s to more brown paintings!

“Sometimes our school looks like a circus. Often it is difficult to see the worth in allowing children to be covered from head to toe in brown paint. But we assert that by creating an environment where the children are free to decorate the school and themselves as they see fit, we are removing the false security of rules which are adult created and adult enforced – which ultimately have very little to do with anything other than tradition or etiquette. We are actually setting the children up for the extremely complicated and difficult task of self-regulation and self-discipline. If we allow the children the freedom to explore all the possibilities that any given situation can offer, we are guiding them to a truer sense of who they are and how they think about the world. Similar to the seemingly insignificant and unrelated little dots in a pointillist painting, each day at the Hutch joins with all the others to create an incredibly beautiful work of art.”